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Kanha National Park is situated in Maikal Hills the last leg of Satpura Range. The park is seated in three districts of Madhya Pradesh - Mandla, Raipur and Balaghat. It is home of the endgangered Bengal Tiger and Hard Ground Barasingha. Kanha National Park is one fo the best managed wildlife preserve in India. The popularity fo the park arises from successful conservation of tiger and hard ground swanp deer.

Kanha Park was created in 1955 by a special law in order to preserve the eco system, its tigers and major mammals alongside wide diversity of life forms. The park is huge success story of tiger conservation and habitat management in India. Kanha landscape is an epitome of panoramic delights. The undulating terrain engulfs mountains, forested zones and extensive grassland. In between intersect many rivulets - tributaries of Banjar and Halon the two major river systems. There are number of ponds, water holes and small lakes which are vital support systems and make it habitable for all life forms - plants, birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. The park is the best place to see the tiger and Central Indian mammals. The complex web of food chain is nowhere as intact as in Kanha. The park is now under the aegis of Project Tiger Program.

Kanha Tiger Safari

Kanha Tiger reserve extends over an area of over 1,940 Sq. Kms. of which 940 Sq. Kms. is core zone and the rest buffer. The region's interesting topography is the horseshoe shape valley surrounded by the spurs of the Mekal. The Surpan Rivermeanders through Kanha's central Maidans (grasslands) that cover the extensive plateau adding to incredible beauty of the place.

Sal and bamboo forests and rolling grasslands, are by far the striking features where sighting tigers, leopards, sloth bear, Swamp deer, Sambhar, Chital, Gaur is thrilling. Bamhani Dadar, the highest point within the reserve is worth a visit for its panoramic view of the jungle.

The tiger safaris are conducted at early morning till noon and in the evening till sunset. The jeep safari begins at Kisli gate with forest guide. The safari covers wide stretch of Kanha's habitat and offers an exciting sightings of tiger and major mammals. Birding is as exciting it requires keen eyesight and patience to sight birds in thick canopy.

Tiger Shows on elephant back are held almost daily whence tiger is located. It is a short ride to the cordoned animal and then back to the jeep. Prior to elephant show a ticket has to be obtained from the visitor center at Kanha, Mukki or Kisli Gate.

Wildlife Interpretation Centers. There are two wildlife interpretation centers at Kanha and Khatia Gate for tourists. Thewildlife museum at Kanha Visitor Center is worth visiting. The Khatia Gate has on open air theatre for wildlife movie and small interpretation center as well.

Kanha Rules:

  • There is a limit to number of vehicles that can enter for park safari.
  • Hiring a park guide is mandatory.
  • Inside the park one cannot alight from the vehicle.
  • Toilet facilities are available at fire camps, forest guard huts and visitor centers - not in the forest zones.
  • Trekking on foot is not allowed except in designated zone.
  • Weapons are not allowed.
  • Night Safari is not allowed inside the park.
  • Loitering and music is banned.
  • Eatables can only be consumed in the visitor centers.
  • Smoking and drinking is strictly banned.
  • Use of flash not permitted.

Kanha Facts:

  • Accommodation is available outside the park.
  • Petrol is available at Kisli Gate.
  • Jeeps are available at gates for hire.
  • Carry your medication, eatables, mineral water.
  • Carry your own binoculars, wildlife books and warm clothings in winter.
  • There are canteens available at Kanha and Kisli Gates for light refreshments.

Reaching Kanha National Park

  • Jabalpur is at a distance of approximately 165 km by road.
  • Jabalpur is an airport connected to New Delhi.
  • By rail Jabalpur is connected to Delhi, major towns and cities.
  • Mandla town on way to Jabalpur is approximately 76 km
  • Kanha is also connected to Raipur by Road.
  • Kanha to Bandhavgarh tiger reserve is 7 to 8 hrs drive.
  • Kanha to Pench is 5 hrs drive.
  • Nagpur airport is two hrs drive from Pench NP.

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