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Kanha a wellness destination

Kanha national park and tiger reserve is famous for its dense forest, wilderness and peaceful environment. Tourists from all over the world come to Kanha to enjoy wildlife safari and spot Tigers and other wildlife. Spread over 940 Sq. Km’s, Kanha as a tourist destination has one of the best infrastructure to cater to the needs of tourists. Although famous as a wilderness destination, Kanha is also one of the best places to be for Wellness program based on Yoga and Meditation.

You can sit and relax in the tranquil environment of Kanha forests under the great old trees, enjoying the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. Just relish the serene forest surroundings meditating. It is one of the best place where you will forget all your tensions and stress of modern life. The sound of breeze and chirping of birds, gazing at stars and sitting quietly under a tree will heighten the effect and you will feel as a new and strong person soon.

Wellness tour at Kanha can include Yoga and Meditation program with simple but healthy food. You can utilise your time by doing Yoga, meditation, nature walks, cycling, reading books, painting, playing flute and like activities. Interested guests can also go on to help the local people or teach at a local school. Fresh, clean and pollution free environs of Kanha will enhance the results from other well-known but crowded places and you will soon realise that you are rejuvenated to go back and face the modern hectic lifestyle with new enthusiasm.

Forests are never silent but so peaceful...

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