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Wildlife photography at Kanha National Park
Photography is one of the most leading hobby being followed by people all over the world. With advent of digital cameras and smart phones we have seen a big leap in number of photography enthusiasts. Wildlife photography is a hobby which is being followed by many people today especially those young people who want a good get away from today’s stressful life and seek solace in the wilderness areas around.

Wildlife photography has its own importance especially in today’s world when habitat destruction and poaching has taken its toll on world’s wilderness and forests. It not only helps us in understanding our natural world in a better way but can also help us in generating awareness amongst general public and decision makers thereby building strong support in favour of conservation. There remains a fact that one good photograph can do what even 1000 words may fail in doing and it has a much better reach since language is not a barrier here.

Kanha national park and Tiger reserve is one of the most famous destination amongst wildlife photography aficionados. Kanha is well known for its beautiful forest landscape and ease of spotting wildlife especially the big cat – Tiger. Photographers from all over the world, be it professionals or amateurs, visit Kanha in an endeavour to spot wild animals in their natural habitat and photograph them.

As a wildlife photographer be it a professional or an amateur you should visit Kanha for a minimum of 5 days or more. Taking a few jungle safaris on vehicle and a few walks in the buffer zone is a good idea. Kanha also offers fair chances to photographers who are interested in bird or macro photography. Whatever be your interest mammals, birds, and insects you can be sure that your photography tour to Kanha will always make you crave to come here again and again.

Suggested equipment: A good D-SLR camera with lenses ranging upto 400 mm for mammals and 600 mm for birding photography. A good 100 mm macro lens will be a good idea if you want to photograph butterflies, insects, spiders, etc. Do carry a sturdy tripod and / monopod and bean bag to have that extra support to get sharp images.


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