WILDLIFE SAFARIS: Core area safari in Kanha, KisliSarhi and Mukki zones are available between 1st October till 30th June every year. Buffer safari in Khatia zone is available in all seasons including monsoon.

Note: We have our own naturalists, and are in process of training more local people as naturalists and guides. This will not only provide them with better job opportunities but is also our way of helping the local people and tribal families.

BIRD WATCHING: We at the resort can arrange for expert bird watchers with extensive knowledge of birds and local area who can help and guide you in bird watching. Here an important point to note is that this area is well known for its bird’s diversity and migratory birds.

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY / WORKSHOP: Special wildlife photography packages for Kanha, Bandhavgarh and other forest tiger reserves of Central India can be provided as per requirement.

VILLAGE TOURS: We arrange village tours for interested guests where they can see, enjoy and learn from villagers their living style and culture. If you want to dance to the tunes of tribal music we will arrange tribal dance and music program at the resort itself.

MEDICINAL PLANTATION VISIT: Just a few minutes walk from the resort is a medicinal plantation where the forest department is actively working on conservation of locally available herbs. This can be visited with local herb doctors who will not only tell you about the medical properties of the herb but if interested you can even try their prescriptions.

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