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SWIMMING POOL: It has been developed in a way to give feel of a natural pond. (Under Construction)

CONFERENCE HALL: We have a conference hall which can accommodate 40 people comfortably and has all required facilities for a meeting.

RESTAURANT: Multi Cuisine restaurant offers scrumptious delicacies which are cooked using fresh vegetables and fruits that are procured from nearby villages. We have separate kitchens for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food.

LIBRARY: We have an extensive library with books on diverse subjects including wildlife, environment, novels, religion, philosophy and others. So, if you want to just enjoy a relaxed evening with man's best friend - books be it so. Also available is a collection of books especially selected for children where they can nurture their reading habit.

LOUNGE: The facilities at the lounge include Internet connectivity, Dish TV, wildlife DVDs, a fine collection of books and indoor games, an outdoor breezeway lounge, photo CD burner, binoculars and friendly staff. You can indulge in star gazing or enjoy breeze at the lounge overlooking local water body where if you are lucky even King of the jungle - Tiger or more elusive Leopard can give you 'darshan' or just watch birds chirping and busy in their activities.

MUSEUM / Wildlife INTERPRETATION CENTRE: We have specially made a museum and interpretation centre adjoining the reception where you can get a glimpse of life in the forest and understand about local bio diversity and ecology.

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