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To spot the mighty cat - Tiger

Wildlife safari in Kanha national park and tiger reserve
India is well known for its bio-diversity, flora and fauna, beautiful landscape, high mountain ranges, riverine systems, desert and coastal line. As vast as the country is, it has different type of forests and climatic zones spread over with each having its own place in the bio-diversity chart. It has some of the best forests in the world from dense evergreen ones as in Western ghat ranges to one with bushes as in Gir. Northern part is blessed with high altitude forest system with snow and high mountain ranges, southern part with coast line for thousands of Kilo meter, Eastern and North eastern region with some of the best forests in the area and Western region which has desert and coastline both.

One species which we see in almost all parts of India and in all type of forests, also the national animal of India and revered as vehicle of Goddess is the mighty big cat – Tiger. Once almost 40,000 Tigers roamed free in the Indian sub-continent but with habitat loss and poaching the number of wild tigers has come down to less than 2000. The government of India under the able leadership of its than Prime Minister – Late Smt Indira Gandhi ji went on to start Project Tiger and demarcated forest landscape in different Tiger habitat all over the country which were to be fully protected and were given the status of Tiger reserve.

In central India Kanha national park was taken up under Project Tiger (Now renamed as NTCA – National Tiger Conservation Authority) and renamed Kanha Tiger Reserve. With full protection and able management the wild animals in the region reclaimed the lost territory and soon the national park was opened as a tourism destination. Today Kanha forests are one of the best destination amongst wildlife lovers and photographers alike who visit these pristine forests to spot tigers and other free roaming wild animals. Core area of Kanha is best seen on a Gypsy by taking a safari in the park. Wildlife safaris in Kanha take the guests in the forest two times in a day – early morning and late noon. You are taken inside in an open Gypsy with a trained guide and an experienced driver who help you in spotting the wild animals.

Kanha forests are divided into 9 zones for management purpose out of which 4 are open for tourism, namely – Kanha, Kisli, Sarhi and Mukkiand the rest are closed except for management purpose or scientific research on conservation or understanding wild animals. At one time you can go to any specific zone only for which you have the permit. A separate safari entry permit has to be taken for morning and evening excursion. So, if you want to see the whole forest you need to take at least 4 rides to visit all 4 zones open for tourism.

Another good way of enjoying the forests is to take a nature walk in the buffer region of the national park. Nature walk is best to understand the flora of Kanha national park and see those small beings whom we miss when sitting on a Gypsy. Buffer forests are also good for bird watching and bird lovers should plan minimum 2 jungle walks to spot those birds which prefer open land and scrub forest. You can also take a Gypsy ride in the buffer forest of the park.

If you visit Kanha as a tourist to enjoy your holiday with family and friends and to spot the striped cat, you can be very sure that your decision is right. In your first visit you will fall in love with this beautiful sal and bamboo forest and believe us you will visit again and again.

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